LIFE AS IT SHOULD BE

Dancing Bass Lodge is located in Ontario Canada.  The property is situated on over 600 acres of tranquil property.  The property is about 100 km (63 miles) west from the Ottawa Airport.  Coming from Perth, Ontario is north about 35 km (20 miles)  Coming from Toronto Airport the distance east would be about 345 km (214 miles)

Dancing Bass Lodge was originally a fish camp with 10 log cabins started back sometime in the 1960’s.  It was in operation until the early 80’s.  Unfortunately, the cabins sat for over 20 years without any maintenance.   The current owners purchased the property around 2005.  Little by little they are refurbishing the cabins and structures on the property.   The original farm house from the late 1800’ still sits on the property, along with a sugar shack and  barn.  It is bordered by 2 lakes, Lower Park Lake and Horne Lake.  Both lakes offer lots of fishing and endless water activities. 

Dancing Bass Lodge is currently offering  2 completely refurbished cabins to rent for a minimum of four (4) days from on or about June 1st to about the 15th of October.  The cabins are situated on the lake front of Lower Park Lake which will offer you endless views of the lake.